The economy of France and the Paris city metro area is heavily dependent on business relations and growth of several African countries. French companies and businesses depends on raw materials in Africa, At one point France was the highest exporter of goods and service to mostly west African countries like Ivory coast, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso and covering even central Africa states like Cameroon, DRC Congo, Gabon and some west Africa countries like Nigeria and Ghana. With the emergence of China in Africa that has invested billions of Dollars into many Africa fastest growing economies like Egypt and South Africa and Rwanda, France has found itself dealing with huge economic challenge from China, United states of America, Germany and Canada. Germany once over took France as the largest European supplier of machinery and processed food to Africa countries and in 2001 Germany over took France as the main supplier.

Countries like Belguim are facing coemption from other Asia countries like Japan South Korea and China. The French economy is dependent on its formal colonies mainly in west Africa, French products and companies also invest and do business with its main export countries like South Africa and Nigeria. Most Africa young business people visit France landing through the France international airport know as Charles de Gaulle international or Rossie in Paris. France has faced resistance in Mali Burkina Faso and Guinea over its presence in the region. France control a huge percentage of the French franc used in many west Africa countries zone know as either the CFA franc zone and control by the central bank of west African states call BEAC. France also was called out for its involvement of the ECO current which never came into circulations. France is home to several migrants from west and central African countries like Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast. Unites states and China are dominating business relations with African countries while France loses its economic power.

The recent US Africa summit is an example and the Sino Africa summit and the Turkish African summit plus the Russia Africa summit makes France position in Africa and growing challenge. The ongoing Russia Ukraine war has caused food shortage in several west Africa countries and France cannot fill the gap. Other countries like the The Netherlands also ahs businesses in Africa through the Netherland African business council. The Dutch embassies in Africa like in Nigeria and Cotonou also help deliver services for Africa business coming to the Netherlands. The France African summit in Montpellier was to bring French business people to interact with Africa young entrepreneur. France president Emmanuel Macron has visited African countries several time to fix France Africa relationships.